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My name is Lindsay Caddell. I am a junior at HTHS. I've always loves watching shows like CSI and Criminal Minds and I am very interested in the many differnt types of serial killers. Theodore Robert Bundy is one of the most famous serial killers known to man. I find it fasinating that he managed to rape and kill over thirty women and escape from jail twice. I will hopefully find many interesting things to share about this criminal.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ted's First Love...and Loss

Experts beleive that the loss of Ted's first love, Stephanie Brooks, is what led him to murder. David Lohr interprets their unique relationship in his crime report, "Ted Bundy: The Poster Boy of Serial Killers". Ted first met Stephanie in 1967. She was beautiful, with long dark hair parted in the middle. The two got along exceptionally well and before too long, they had fallen in love. Once Ted transfered to Stanford University, and Stephanie graduated from the University of Washington, she decided that it was time for them to go their seperate ways. Bundy was completely devestated with the loss of his first love, and this took a tole on his grades. He eventually felt as though he had no other choice but to drop out of college. In 1969, after Ted began to get his life back on track, his main focus was winning Stephanie back. He kept in touch with her through letters and phone calls, but she did not return his love. When Stephanie finally decided to meet up with Ted to catch up, she was amazed at how different he seemed. She gave this new Ted a chance and things were going pretty well; they even discussed marriage. Then completely out of nowhere, Ted dumped Stephanie Brooks, just as she had him earlier. Stephanie never saw or heard from him again. Astonishingly, every woman Ted Bundy murdered had Stephanie's slender build, hair style, and hair color.

I do beleive that loss of your first love can be life changing and may,as well, lead to some irrational thoughts. However, the extent to which Ted Bundy carried out his pain is almost unbeleivable. Most people have the ability to move on and find someone new (which he did by the way: Meg Anders) but the pain and hatred he carried around for years is remarkable. For someone to have so much anger built up inside them and hide it so well that even those closest to him didn't know? Crazy! What I don't get is why he murdered so many women who looked like Stephanie, when he could have just murdered Stephanie. Of course I don't argee that murder is a solution to any problem, but one dead woman is better than 30+.

Lohr, David. "Ted Bundy: The Poster Boy of Serial Killers". An Encyclopedia of Crime. Crime Magazine, n.d. Web. 31 Mar 2010. http://www.crimemagazine.com/ted_bundy.htm.

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