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My name is Lindsay Caddell. I am a junior at HTHS. I've always loves watching shows like CSI and Criminal Minds and I am very interested in the many differnt types of serial killers. Theodore Robert Bundy is one of the most famous serial killers known to man. I find it fasinating that he managed to rape and kill over thirty women and escape from jail twice. I will hopefully find many interesting things to share about this criminal.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ted Gets Caught

In August of 1975, a police officer attempted to arrest Ted for a driving violation. Instead of pulling over, Ted turn his lights off and sped up. The policeman caught up to him and not knowing what else to do, Ted pulled over. The officer was surprised at how calm he acted and how easily he agreed to having his car searched. The officer became suspicious when he saw that the passenger seat had been removed and layed across the back seat. As he continued his search, he found an ice pick, hand cuffs, a crow bar, a ski mask, and what looked to be a hand-made ski mask made out of pantyhose. The police arrested Ted on suspicion of burglary tools. One of the women(Carol DaRonch) that Ted Bundy had kidnapped but not killed picked him out of a line up and he was arrested for attempted kidnapping and burglary. He was found guilty and sentenced to fifteen years in prison. Police also suspected bundy of the Colorado murders so he had to leave the Utah prison and go on trial in Colorado. Montaldo states that "In October 1976 Bundy was charged for the murder of Caryn Campbell." Bundy served as his own lawyer in Colorado which meant he did not have on cuffs or leg irons, and he could move freely around the courthouse and the law library. In June 1977 during a pre-trial hearing he escaped by jumping out of the law library window. He was captured a week later. After being put back in jail, Bundy made his second escape and ran away to Florida. In Florida he lived off of stolen credit cards and had a semi-normal life until his boredom sank in and he began another bloody cycle of murders.

I think it is absolutely ridiculous that someone being arrested for murder was allowed to move about freely in the courthouse. I hope that this rule still doesn't apply today if someone serves as their own lawyer. The fact that he was so unguarded that he could have time to open the window, climb out, and run without anyone able to catch him just astonishes me. I wish the source would have explained how he escaped the second time. It's like that saying, "once a cheater always a cheater". If he tried to escaped once, no-duh he's going to try to escape again. This goes back to how mulipilative and confident he is. I guess it could be turned into a positive for other people. If everybody had Ted Bundy's drive and confidence we could do amazing things. He could have gone on to be anything he wanted, but unfortunetly he let pornography get the best of him and it sent him down a path of destruction and his confidence was used for bad instead of good.

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